How we can help you

Come and talk in confidence to one of our friendly team members. We don’t judge, and we will always do our best to help you.  

Become a client

We can arrange access to basic banking services for you if you have been unable to open a retail bank account or if the bank has closed your account. 

The easy-to-use online mimoney account, provided by VFX Financial, comes with a debit card. You can use the account to receive money electronically and to make payments including standing orders (but not direct debits). You can’t pay cash into the account and overdrafts are not possible.

Refer a client to us

We welcome referrals from community support agencies such as the Guernsey Employment Trust and Citizens Advice Guernsey as well as Guernsey Prison and the Office for Employment and Social Security on behalf of any of their clients who have been refused a bank account or who do not have the documentation required by a retail bank. 

This may include people who are intimidated by the process of opening an account.

Financial education

As well as supporting our clients to manage their budgets, we also run financial education courses. 

Over the past couple of years, we have run three six-week financial education programmes for pre-release prisoners at Guernsey Prison. 

We also run regular budgeting advice sessions at community groups such as Bright Beginnings and the Kindred Family Centre.

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