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We can arrange access to basic banking services for you if you have been unable to open a retail bank account or if the bank has closed your account. 

The easy-to-use online Mimoney account, provided by VFX Financial, comes with a debit card. You can use the account to receive money electronically and to make payments including standing orders (but not direct debits). You can’t pay cash into the account and overdrafts are not possible. 

The account charges are £1 per month and £1 per cash withdrawal.

Opening an account is easy. 

Just download the application form, fill it in as best you can then give us a call on 01481 700360 or email

Here’s what our clients say

Do I get a card?  Can I use it for contactless payments? Can I use it in shops? Can I use it on the internet? Wow that is great!”

“Having a card makes me less reliant on friends and family because I can make my own purchases on the internet, which is something new for me.” 

“I can go to any shop now, as not all shops now take cash, which was my only option.”

“I can save to get something I really want. Before if I had the cash I just spent it, now I can save.” 


Getting started with your account

Here’s a quick start guide to your mimoney account and card 

I’ve registered for an account. What happens next?

You’ll shortly receive confirmation from VFX Financial, the provider of the mimoney account, that your account has been opened. Log into your online account using the username and password set up when you initially registered. You’ll receive an email confirming the details, and a separate email confirming your mimoney card order. 

How do I put money on my mimoney account?

Your mimoney account has a unique account number and sort code which enables you to receive deposits within 30 minutes of funds being sent to you, through the Faster Payments scheme. 

Tip: Your first deposit from a new source may be subject to additional checks for security, after which the originating account can be “whitelisted” to allow future deposits to be received quickly at any time. 

Where do I find my mimoney account number and sort code?

Log into your account and select “My Account” from the drop-down menu under your display name. You can copy the information by clicking on the “Copy” icon next to the account number and sort code. 

How do I add a beneficiary (someone I want to pay money to)?

You can send money to the bank account of any person or business held in pound sterling (GBP) as well as transfer money to other mimoney accounts. First, you need to store their details. Here's how: 

1. Log into your mimoney account and select “Add New” under “Popular beneficiaries 
2. Choose the type of beneficiary you want to add: mimoney, personal or business, 
3. You will be asked to provide the name, address, bank account number and sort code in order to create a personal or business beneficiary. To add a mimoney beneficiary you only need the email address or mobile number they've registered against their mimoney account. 
4. Enter the required details and click “Save” 
5. Done! 

How do I send money to a business or a person?

1. Log in to your mimoney account and select the beneficiary from the “Popular beneficiaries” area. 
2. Enter the amount you want to send, and a reference if needed (for example "electric bill"). 
3. When finished, click on "confirm” 
4. A pop-up message confirming that your money has been sent will be displayed. 

Are there any costs associated with my mimoney account?

Yes, there is a small monthly maintenance fee of £1. For more please have a look at the limits and fees section on your online account. 

How long will my mimoney card take to arrive?

Cards normally take 3 to 5 working days to arrive, depending on the postal service. 

How do I activate my mimoney card?

1. Log-in to your mimoney account, select Card from the top menu and click the “Activate” button 2. Enter the 16-digit number shown on the back of your mimoney card, accept the terms and conditions and click “Confirm”. 

3. Your PIN will display on screen after you’ve successfully activated your card. 

Tip: you can view the PIN for your card at any time under the “View PIN” option of “Card” on your mimoney account. 

Can I change the PIN for my mimoney card?

Yes, at any ATM (cash machine) that has PIN services. 

Can I check my balance at an ATM?

No, but you can keep track of your balance by logging into your mimoney account. 

How do I use my mimoney card?

Your mimoney card can be used anywhere you see the Mastercard logo, such as supermarkets, restaurants and for online purchases. Your mimoney card can be used in the following ways: 

Chip and Pin - Insert the card into the reader and then enter the 4 digit PIN number when prompted; 

Online - Purchases made through the internet; 

Mag Stripe - When your card is swiped through the card reader or the 16 digit card number is entered manually; 

Contactless - Pay for items by simply holding your card up to any reader with the contactless symbol displayed. 

Tip 1: Your first card transaction must be completed using chip and pin, before using any other pay method. 

Tip 2: Chip and Pin is always available but the other payment modes are configurable under the “Security” option of “Card” on your mimoney account. Check out the FAQs online to see how. 

To minimise the risk of your card being compromised, we recommend you only enable these modes when needed. 

Are there any costs involved with my mimoney card?

ATM fee: £1 Replacement card: £6 Monthly card dormancy fee: £1 (if there are no card transactions in the preceding 12 months). 

For more information please see the limits and fees section on your online account. 

Budgeting advice

Managing your money is not easy, particularly when the cost of living is so high, or you’re going through difficult times.

Our support doesn’t end once you’ve opened a bank account. We can sit down with you to help you plan your weekly and monthly budget and take control of your own finances. 


If you’re facing a major, unexpected expense or if you’re being asked to pay more for a service because you can’t afford to pay for it up front, talk to us. 

Thanks to a grant from the Guernsey Community Foundation, we may be able to arrange a loan for you which you can repay in monthly instalments.

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